WElcome to LAST DAZE

We share stories that inspire, showcase talent, and engage the highly active online community. Born from a gnarly case of wanderlust, and desire to keep inspiring whilst being inspired ourselves, the constant craving to expose more people to our adventures wasn’t being satisfied. Tired of sending submissions that never saw the light of day, and frustrated with the bubble that had become accepted in the online visual community, the need for something else was apparent.

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In July 2015, a new online editorial platform launched. Merging photography, travel and inspiration, LAST DAZE set out to establish itself as an independent, international destination that showcased exclusive content from photographers across the globe. Focusing on quality and not quantity, the desire to spotlight the photographers just as much as their muses, LAST DAZE saw a gap in the online realm for imagery that evoked emotion and provided escapism without resorting to obvious cheap thrills.


LAST DAZE has done that, and continues to do so at a rapid growth rate. Whilst still maintaining its high expectations for produced content, LAST DAZE has established itself as a “must follow” social media account and online destination for anyone wanting to inspire or be inspired. 



Photography is a special and unique language that needs no translation - it is understood worldwide. The right image can transport its viewer to another world. We love the idea of being able to tell stories of travel, moments, and memories in a few simple snaps. Through the lens of a camera, models and locations inspire you and make you dream.


Afterall, everyone has a story to tell...










For all media related enquiries including commissioned works please contact media@lastdaze.co